FAKBYFAK The Vega - High-End Ear Strap-Free Reusable Antibacterial Unisex Face Masks

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Face Masks & Gloves
Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor ・ Touchscreen Friendly
Ear strap-free, tasteful and integral item that protects the face, taking into account the concern for the wearer's safety and hygiene
The Vega gloves is a versatile, convenient and elegant item that protect one's hands and look appropriate for both indoor and outdoor wear: on public transport, at a cinema, in a shopping mall or at an office
The Vega series face masks & gloves  are designed specifically for daily use, whether during adverse seasonal or epidemiological conditions, for sports or everyday wear
Our face masks & gloves are made from a high tech, silver ion, antibacterial fabric and are designed to become an indispensable item in any person's wardrobe. Patented ATB-UV+ (antibacterial-ultraviolet) silver-ion nanotechnology fabric tested to reduce bacteria up to 99%
The convenient placement of the wide securing band makes it possible to adjust the position of the mask. You feel more relaxed and free of tension
The fabric weaving structure is moisture-wicking and ensures a high level of air circulation. The gloves "breathe", and your hands do not get wet
The Vega Face Mask is a smart design solution that's different from the standard cotton fabric or neoprene face masks
Working on the creation of this product line, we had three main objectives:
- To develop ear strap-free tasteful and convenient item;
- To change the perception of a face mask as an object that causes negative associations and medical alarmism, preserving the individuality and human image of the person wearing it;
- To create comfortable and versatile objects that, on the one hand, perform the function of protecting one’s hands & face, and on the other, look appropriate in any setting. The accessories that will look nice with various types of clothes, ensuring hygiene and not causing any discomfort.
Alex Melnikov
The glove's fabric technology allows you to use a smartphone
or any other touchscreen devices without having to remove gloves
Designing The Vega
"We used a unique anatomical cut and stayed away from the standard patterns and design methods utilized for such products by the industry. Our face mask has a large area of contact with the face but ensures the person wearing it does not experience any discomfort".

"Having improved the cut and the size range, we developed a perfect fit, versatile gloves from a supreme fabric that contains silver ions and is pleasant to the touch".
For the face covering masks we chose a couture technique of construction on mannequins. In other words, we applied the principles of cutting and sewing used in a high-fashion segment to a unique product suitable for everyday wear

The fabric weaving structure is
moisture-wicking and ensures a high level of air circulation

The Vega face masks & gloves may be worn daily. The qualities of the fabric will be maintained even with frequent washing
High tech, Silver Ion, Antibacterial Fabric (ATB-UV+)
ATB-UV+ is the future generation of anti-bacterial fibres

We want to point out that in our choice of the fabric, we focused on manufacturers who had advanced technological capabilities for the manufacturing of modern textiles. Our essential requirements included the reduction of damage to the environment as well as efficient resource management. The textile we use to manufacture The Vega face masks has high anti-bacterial properties validated in lab tests*.

Patented ATB-UV+ (antibacterial-ultraviolet) silver-ion nanotechnology fabric tested to reduce bacteria up to 99% (will actually kill the microbes that land on the mask fabric). Silver in the form of ions applied to the fabric has bactericidal and anti-fungal properties and serves as a highly effective disinfectant against pathogenic microorganisms.

*The bacteriostatic & anti-microbial properties of the used fabric are confirmed by a certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a certificate from the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK).

Sustainable Dyeing Method
Decreases the negative impact on the environment

Another advantage is the dyeing method, which entails the dying of individual fibres, not the entire fabric. This method not only ensures saturation and durability of the colour, but also uses less water, chemicals, and energy. This approach substantially reduces harmful production waste and decreases the negative impact on the environment.

You feel more relaxed and free of tension. We used a unique anatomical cut and stayed away from the standard patterns and design methods utilized for such products by the industry.
A next-generation anti-bacteria fiber, ATB®-UV+, is an advanced fiber aiming for refreshing feel as well as heath through its 99.9% anti-bacterial function by silver element.
It blocks ultraviolet rays including UV-B (290~320nm) as well as UV-A (320~400nm)
Ear Strap-Free
Excellent Anti-bacterial Functions
Permanent UV Protection
Fibers are versatile and distinguished by their greater strength among cellulose fibers.
Eco Color technology implements the process of dope dyeing, where color pigments are deeply embedded into the fibers. Dope-dyeing provides efficient ecological advantages, whereby resources are used sparingly. This eco-responsible technology offers long-lasting color-fastness and design flexibility in fabrics.
Color pigments embedded in dope-dyed fiber retain long-lasting color vibrancy more than conventionally dyed fiber, and are less prone to fade even after repeated washing.
Strength & Durability
Eco Colour Technology
Сolor Retention
We believe The Vega series face masks & gloves will be useful, will serve you for a long time, and will make your life a little easier and happier
ATB®-UV+ prevents odor by suppressing the proliferation of microorganisms.
Exhibiting high flexibility, the fibers offer textiles a long-lasting quality of exquisite softness. Due to the fiber's sleek cross section, the fibers enhance the soft touch of fabrics even after repeated washing.
The face masks are entirely safe for those suffering from allergies since antibacterial silver particles are inseparable from the fabric.
Prevents Odor
Long-Lasting Softness
Allergy Safe
Feels cool & dry. With a uniquely designed fiber cross section, ATB-UV+ evaporates and dries wetness rapidly. ATB®-UV+ helps stay cool in the hot summer and also keeps warm in the winter by drying wetness quickly.
The fabric weaving structure is moisture-wicking and ensures a high level of air circulation. The fibers support body temperature regulating properties through their moisture management, contributing to more breathable fabrics that support the body's natural thermal regulation.
The bacteriostatic & anti-microbial properties of the used fabric are confirmed by a certificate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a certificate from the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK). ATB®-UV+ is safe for health and environment as it adopts a silver-based anti-microbial material. Antibacterial Test, Antibacterial Features (KS K0693, JIS L 1902).
Rapid Absorption & Evaporation
Enhanced Breathability
Approved by SEK & FDA
The Vega series face covering masks and gloves is a responsible solution. We strive against throw-away culture. Save nature by reducing the use of disposable face masks and gloves
About The Vega Series
The global pandemic and the resulting interruption of business activities force fashion brands and business in general to look for the new forms of operations and new approaches to their work. We should also keep in mind the deferred risks that we will have to face even after the major restrictions are lifted.

The first one among these risks is the emerging tendency to avoid crowded places. The second one is associated with psychological barriers caused by social distancing, which will have a negative effect on the human's behaviour, especially under the adverse seasonal epidemiological conditions.

Nonetheless, we continue dreaming, which means that there is a way out.

We came up with the idea to develop this product line long before the pandemic. However, its realisation became extremely relevant only in the "new reality". 

We do hope that our shared example will serve as a starting point for building a new level of relationship between business representatives and consumers, a relationship based on mutual respect, care, and responsibility.

We classify FAKBYFAK as a new type of companies for which the concepts of social responsibility and adequacy, fair pricing, responsible production and consumption are not an empty phrase.

Our project is based on deep expertise in the development and quality of the product. Our product design solutions are unique and patented. We are sincerely proud of the results of our work and will be happy if you share our opinion.
When developing the product, we followed the fair price principle. This means that we avoid intermediaries, do not work with questionable vendors, and do not resort to fraudulent marketing practices. We design and manufacture this product ourselves, which is undoubtedly important, as we use our expertise and set requirements to ensure the highest quality. The fairness of the price is confirmed by the fact that our products are made of premium materials and so well that they will serve reliably and look great for a long time.
We care about social fairness. We do not segment consumers based on their wealth and status. We do not have first-rate, second-rate, and third-rate product lines classified based on their premium features or affordability. The product that we create already corresponds to the concept of a first-rate item; it is a product that will be truly useful and one that will not be easy to part with.
Deep Expertise
Fair Price Principle
Social Fairness
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